31/05/2018Virgin lodes set to sparkle at Paddy's FlatDownload
29/05/2018Becoming a substantial holder for MGVDownload
28/05/2018Westgold - Musgrave Cooperation AgreementDownload
28/05/2018MGV: Westgold invests $3.36M in Musgrave MineralsDownload
25/05/2018Change in substantial holdingDownload
21/05/2018Appendix 3B - Conversion of OptionsDownload
17/05/2018Appendix 3B - Conversion of OptionsDownload
03/05/2018Notice of initial substantial holderDownload
30/04/2018Quarterly Activities ReportDownload
17/04/2018Ceasing to be a substantial holderDownload
10/04/2018CY 2018 Gold Production Guidance UpdateDownload
09/04/2018Change in substantial holdingDownload
03/04/2018Completion of Sale of South Kalgoorlie OperationsDownload
03/04/2018NST: Completion of South Kalgoorlie Operations PurchaseDownload
03/04/2018First Gold Pour at TuckabiannaDownload
26/03/2018Westgold Restarts Tuckabianna PlantDownload
26/03/2018Change in substantial holdingDownload
21/03/2018Becoming a substantial holderDownload
19/03/2018Research ReportDownload
16/03/2018MCR: Mincor to proceed with development of WidgiemoolthaDownload
15/03/2018AAJ: Aruma Acquires Trojan Gold ProjectDownload
08/03/2018NST:Acquisition of South Kalgoorlie Operations from WestgoldDownload
08/03/2018Sale of South Kalgoorlie OperationsDownload
01/03/2018Half Year Report for the Period Ended 31 December 2017Download
28/02/2018Ceasing to be a substantial holderDownload
26/02/2018S2R: Completion of WA Gold Projects SaleDownload
23/02/2018Appendix 3B & Cleansing NoticeDownload
22/02/2018Investor PresentationDownload
22/02/2018LTR: Drilling starts at Buldania Lithium ProjectDownload
16/02/2018Becoming a substantial holderDownload
14/02/2018Appendix 3BDownload
13/02/2018Westgold Buys S2 Resources Polar Bear ProjectsDownload
13/02/2018Sale of Lithium Assets Not to ProceedDownload
13/02/2018TON: Option Agreement TerminationDownload
13/02/2018S2R: S2 sells WA Gold Projects For A$9 millionDownload
12/02/2018Freak Storm Halts Production at CMGPDownload
09/02/2018Westgold Tops up Gold Hedges Above A$1700/ozDownload
01/02/2018Change in substantial holdingDownload
31/01/2018Change of Director's Interest NoticeDownload
30/01/2018Appendix 3B & Cleansing NoticeDownload
30/01/2018Completion of Placement to GEARDownload
30/01/2018Quarterly Activities ReportDownload
23/01/2018Tribute Mining Agreement for Cannon MineDownload
23/01/2018SAU: Underground Phase of Cannon Gold Mine to ProceedDownload
17/01/2018Ceasing to be a substantial holderDownload
17/01/2018Ceasing to be a substantial holderDownload
16/01/2018Change in substantial holdingDownload
16/01/2018Change in substantial holdingDownload
16/01/2018Change in substantial holdingDownload
12/01/2018Appendix 3B & Cleansing NoticeDownload
29/12/2017Change in substantial holdingDownload
22/12/2017Westgold Strikes Lithium Option Deal with Triton MineralsDownload
22/12/2017Higginsville Crushing and Fine Ore Feed CircuitDownload
21/12/2017Initial Director's Interest NoticeDownload
19/12/2017Appointment of DirectorDownload
12/12/2017Company Presentation - December 2017Download
08/12/2017Revised Development Plan at CMGPDownload
07/12/2017Becoming a substantial holderDownload
05/12/2017Appendix 3B & Cleansing NoticeDownload
05/12/2017LTR: Mapping more than doubles area of Buldania pegmatiteDownload
01/12/2017DRM: Expiry of Gnaweeda MOU with WestgoldDownload
30/11/2017Strategic Alliance and Capital InjectionDownload
28/11/2017Change of Director's Interest NoticesDownload
28/11/2017PGO: Toll Treatment UpdateDownload
24/11/2017Appendix 3B - Unlisted Employee OptionsDownload
22/11/2017Results of Annual General MeetingDownload
22/11/20172017 AGM PresentationDownload
31/10/2017Quarterly Activities ReportDownload
30/10/2017LTR: Widespread Lithium Mineralisation Confirmed at BuldaniaDownload
27/10/2017DRM: Doray and Westgold Assess GnaweedaDownload
20/10/2017Appendix 4G & Corporate Governance StatementDownload
20/10/20172017 Annual ReportDownload
20/10/2017Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy FormDownload
20/10/2017OVR: Termination of Heads of Agreement- Trojan Gold ProjectDownload
16/10/2017Change in substantial holdingDownload
16/10/2017Stunning Drill Results of New Lodes at Paddys FlatDownload
16/10/2017Change in substantial holdingDownload
13/10/2017Gold Hedging UpdateDownload
29/09/2017Change of Director's Interest NoticesDownload
28/09/2017Issue of Options, Appendix 3B & Top 20Download
21/09/2017Becoming a substantial holderDownload
18/09/2017Production Guidance UpdateDownload
15/09/2017Denver Gold Forum PresentationDownload
08/09/2017Appendix 3BDownload
08/09/2017Bonus Option Issue ProspectusDownload
08/09/2017Change of Registered OfficeDownload
07/09/2017Gold Hedging and Pre-Pay UpdateDownload
07/09/2017Retraction of Historic Remnant Inventory StatementDownload
07/09/2017Westgold to Develop Underground Mines at ReedysDownload
04/09/20172017 Annual Update of Mineral Resources & Ore ReservesDownload
01/09/2017Full Year Financial Results, Bonus Option & Appendix 3BDownload
01/09/2017Appendix 4E and Annual Financial ReportDownload
15/08/2017RNC Elects Not to Extend SKO Purchase OptionDownload
14/08/2017Appendix 3BDownload
08/08/2017Investor Presentation - Diggers & Dealers 2017Download
28/07/2017Quarterly Activities ReportDownload
18/07/2017SLR: Update - Sale of Cue Joint Venture InterestDownload
18/07/2017Purchase of Cue Joint Venture InterestDownload
13/07/2017Change in substantial holdingDownload
11/07/2017Toll Processing and Purchase Option Agreements CompletedDownload
07/07/2017Becoming a substantial holderDownload
03/07/2017Appendix 3B & Cleansing NoticeDownload
03/07/2017Westgold Completes Australian Contract Mining AcquisitionDownload
30/06/2017Appendix 3B & Cleansing NoticeDownload
30/06/2017SLR: Completion of Sale of Tuckabianna AssetsDownload
30/06/2017Westgold Completes Tuckabianna AcquisitionDownload
30/06/2017Change in substantial holdingDownload
29/06/2017Change in substantial holdingDownload
28/06/2017Change in substantial holdingDownload
23/06/2017SLR: Sale of Murchison AssetsDownload
23/06/2017Westgold Buys Tuckabianna ProjectDownload
21/06/2017Ceasing to be a substantial holderDownload
20/06/2017Becoming a substantial holderDownload
15/06/2017Fortnum Gold PourDownload
08/06/2017AMEC Forum 2017 PresentationDownload
08/06/2017Westgold to acquire Australian Contract Mining (ACM)Download
08/06/2017Fortnum Successfully CommissionedDownload
06/06/2017Change in substantial holdingDownload
11/05/2017Fortnum Gold Project UpdateDownload
28/04/2017Quarterly Activities ReportDownload
24/04/2017SAU: Cannon Gold Mine 8th Processing Campaign ResultsDownload
20/04/2017Change in substantial holdingDownload
07/04/2017RNI: Copper-Gold Resource Acquisition - LR5.12 DisclosureDownload
05/04/2017Chunderloo Sale to RNI NLDownload
05/04/2017RNI: Copper-Gold Resource AcquisitionDownload
31/03/2017Investor Presentation - European Gold Forum 2017Download
22/03/2017Becoming a substantial holderDownload
20/03/2017Becoming a substantial holderDownload
20/03/2017Change in substantial holdingDownload
16/03/2017Ceasing to be a substantial holderDownload
08/03/2017SAU: Cannon Gold Mine 7th Processing Campaign ResultsDownload
28/02/2017Half Year Report for Period Ending 31 December 2016Download
28/02/2017SAU: Third Profit Distribution of $2m from Cannon MineDownload
21/02/2017HAW:Maiden Gold Resource Estimates - Deep South and Box WellDownload
17/02/2017Change in substantial holdingDownload
17/02/2017Change in substantial holdingDownload
13/02/2017Toll Processing Agreement and Option to Sell Sell SKODownload
02/02/2017Director Appointment & ResignationDownload
02/02/2017Initial Director's Interest NoticesDownload
02/02/2017Final Director's Interest NoticeDownload
27/01/2017Inaugural Corporate PresentationDownload
25/01/2017Quarterly Activities ReportDownload
25/01/2017PEA: Pacific Energy Secures 5MW Power Station ContractDownload
24/01/2017SAU: Second Cannon Gold Mine Profit Share ReceivedDownload
11/01/2017Appendix 3BDownload
30/12/2016CMGP's Second Underground Mine CommencesDownload
29/12/2016Initial Director's Interest NoticeDownload
29/12/2016Appointment of Director of OperationsDownload
28/12/2016SAU: First Profit Distribution from Cannon Gold MineDownload
23/12/2016SAU: Cannon 6th Processing Campaign ResultsDownload
08/12/2016Becoming a substantial holderDownload
06/12/2016Becoming a substantial holderDownload
05/12/2016Becoming a substantial holderDownload
02/12/2016Employee Share and Option PlanDownload
02/12/2016Dividend Reinvestment PlanDownload
02/12/2016Appendix 1A and Information Form and ChecklistDownload
02/12/2016Security Trading PolicyDownload
02/12/2016ASX Notice - Admission and Official QuotationDownload
02/12/2016Information MemorandumDownload
02/12/2016Admission to Official ListDownload
02/12/2016Distribution Schedule and Top 20 HoldersDownload
02/12/2016Pre-Quotation DisclosureDownload
01/12/2016MLX:Demerger Effective-WGX to Commence Trading on 06/12/2016Download