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    Minterra Pty Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Westgold and serves as the group's specialist underground mining service provider.  Minterra has a comprehensive underground mining contracting service to Westgold's current suite of 6 major underground operations in the Murchison region of Western Australia.  Since its acquisition by Westgold in 2016, existing and growth in internal requirements has seen work volumes consistently expand with further underground mines planned for 20/21.

    The major requirement with Minterra's mining fleet includes:

    • 14 Development drill jumbos
    • 10 Production drill rigs (64mm to 127mm drill capacity)
    • 24 Loaders (15 with remote/guidance system fitted)
    • 18 By 60t capacity dump trucks
    • 16 Integrated Tool Carriers
    • 9 Charge Up machines
    • 2 Shotcrete sprayers
    • 3 Agitator trucks
    • 7 Diamond drill rigs
    • 2 Raise bore rigs
    • 1 Cable bolter
    • +100 light vehicles/light trucks
    • 100t Float & prime mover

    With further expansions in capacity seeing the fleet grow during the forthcoming year.

    Minterra's current workforce numbering in excess of 650 employees directly employed, all operations are run at an arm's length from Westgold technical operations with work outputs and revenue governed by a schedule of rates style contract thus ensuring key KPIs and cost effectiveness are tracked and maintained.

    Westgold achieves a degree of flexibility on a large scale and competitive costings maintained.

    Whilst its core focus is servicing Westgold's expanding growth plans, Minterra has aspiration to expand its service operations on a competitive basis to third parties in industry.

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